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Outstanding Alumni - Award Winners

During the 35th SPAC reunion, held March 1999, the Space Physics & Astronomy department presented four "Outstanding Alumni" awards. For the 40th, 45th and 50th reunions, we added more winners plus three new categories: Outstanding Undergraduate and Outstanding Staff Members (regular and research staff). An award for MS Alumnus was added for the 60th.

1960s Art Few Arthur Few Bio
1970s David Young David Young BIO
1980s Anthea Coster Anthea Coster CV
1990s Mila Mitra
Paul Scowen
Mila Mitra Profile
Paul Scowen CV
2000s Josef Koller Aerospace Corp BIO
2010s Roman Gomez Roman Gomez CV
2020s Alison Farrish Allison Farrish BIO
MS Alumnus Carol Waters Carol Waters CV
Undergraduate Katie Garcia-Sage Katie Garcia-Sage CV
Research Staff Al Heath
Tamara Ledley
Joe Chambliss cmments on Al Heath
Michael Stewart comments on Al Heath
Tamara Ledley CV
Support Staff Bryan Bales
Bill Lewis
Bryan Bales resume
Bill Lewis letter to Dessler

1960s Paul Cloutier
1970s Tom Hill (with special awards to Rich Behnke and Hasio-Hua Kuo Burke for their support of research)
1980s Greg Byrne and Duane Pontius
1990s Shannon Walker
2000s Mark Mulrooney
2010s Chris Olsen
Undergraduate Niescja Turner
Research Staff Stan Sazykin & John McGarity
Support Staff Wayne Smith
Alex Dessler

1960s David Cummings, USRA
1970s Richard Vondrak, GSFC
1980s Eileen Stansberry, JSC
1990s Gang Lu, NOAA HAO
2000s Takao Doi, Japanese Astronaut
Undergraduate Jay Anderson, Space Telescope Science Lab
Research Staff Del Oehme
Support Staff Norma Cowley and Maria Byrne

1960s C. Rick Chappell, Vanderbilt
1970s Jerry Fishman, MSFC
1980s Frank Toffoletto, Rice
1990s Dana Crider, GSFC
2000s Andrew Urquhart, Raytheon
Undergraduate Rick Feinberg, Publisher, Sky and Telescope Magazine
Research Staff Bob Spiro
Support Staff Umbe Cantu, former Dept. Secretary (now RSI Administrator and Physics & Astronomy Administrator)

1960s James Burch, Southwest Research Institute
1970s Stan Woosley, UC Santa Cruz
1980s J. Jeff Hester, Arizona State University
1990s Wei Peng, (then at: CHASE Manhattan Bank) Now at: Natixis Capital Markets