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Sept 9-12, 2022

Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy Speech at Rice Stadium.

Tentative Agenda for the Reunion (not open to the public)

  • Friday evening 9/9, 6-9 pm Brockman 101: registration, informal reception / beer / snacks
  • Saturday morning 9/10, Brockman 101: breakfast 8-8:30
  • Saturday 8:30 - 11:00: talks (virtual and in person) about science
  • Saturday 11:15: Go to Stadium for "Spelfie"
  • Saturday 12:30-1:30: Barbecue in the Brockman portico
  • Saturday 1:30-5:30: Reminiscences of times past and folks who have passed on. (Particularly Stebbings, Haymes, Dufour, and O'Brien plus alumni we have lost). Giving out of alumni/staff awards.
    (If time) end with optional walk around campus to visit their trees.
  • Saturday evening (optional): Football game with space theme, or on your own
  • Saturday evening (optional): Group dinner being organized by Bob Manka (Coppa in the Village or elsewhere)
  • Sunday 9/11 (10-4): NASA exhibits (open to public) in the "Waltrip" inflatable practice field west of the Stadium (see map below)
  • Sunday night: VIP commemoration dinner at RMC with distinguished alumni speakers
  • Sunday late: observing at the campus observatory
  • Monday morning 9/12: (open to public) JFK event at Rice Stadium

Saturday speakers

Science talks for Saturday morning: “Frontiers in Space Science”

Tribute/history talks for Saturday afternoon: